Regulator Accessories

100 G Datalogging FNERTOrifice Removal Tools

  • B42 series Orifice Removal Tool. 7/8″ hex machined socket, short, 1/2″ drive for B42, B/CL31, B35, B56, B531
  • B34 series Orifice Removal Tool. 1 7/16″ hex machined socket, thin wall, 1/2″ Drive for B/CL34 Series
  • B38 series Orifice Removal Tool. 2 1/4″ hex machined socket, thin wall, 3/4″ Drive for B/CL38/838 Series
Vent Protection

  • 90 Degree Screen Vents – Available in 1 1/4″ to 4″ NPTF, standard 90° with 12 x 12 mesh stainless steel screen installed in outlet. Used to orient vent down to protect from water, ice, and insects.
Spring Adjustment Tools

  • The Universal Regulator Spring Adjustment Tool is a T handle spring adjuster. The T handle is removable for easy storage.
  • It is machined on both ends to allow the tool to be used on most Actaris (Schlumberger Sparague) Regulators including the following series: B42, B31, B38, B838, CL31, CL231, CL34, CL38, CL838, B35, B36, B56
  • RB4000 Regulator Spring Adjustment Tool. Machined out of hex stock, this tool has a removable T Handle and is designed specifically for the RB4000 series